I’m Miranda. I was born and raised in Ferguson, Missouri and I’m currently a practicing attorney based in Chicago, Illinois. I have been around art my entire life; my dad and my brother are both visual and multimedia artists and my mom is an absolute fashionista. Growing up my father, who was an educator for over 30 years, made the arts a permanent fixture in my upbringing. I participated in dance programs and art apprenticeships, learned and used programs like Photoshop and Poser, visited museums, and excitedly poked around my dad’s home art studio.

After attending an art class at the Japanese Cultural Center located in Chicago, I was invited by the instructor to come to her studio where we did some water marbling art. I was fascinated that each piece we created was unique. I started researching similar art forms, eventually discovered acrylic pouring, and I have been addicted ever since.

In my spare time (what’s that?) I love taking care of my plants, ratchet music, weight-lifting, eating, and scouring books and the interwebs for artistic inspiration.

Hey, hey!